Marta & Roberto

An Elegant Wedding in Palermo

The wedding of Marta and Roberto in Palermo was truly an extraordinary event, where I had the opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful and significant moments of this close-knit couple.

Marta’s preparations at the Hotel L’Hôtellerie Easy Suites were a unique experience. The natural light filtering through the windows made every shot a small masterpiece, capturing the essence of her elegance and the emotion that pervaded her.

The Catholic ceremony at the picturesque Church of San Giorgio was a touching moment. The grandeur of the church and the light streaming through the stained glass windows created a magical atmosphere where Marta and Roberto exchanged their vows of love.

The dinner and subsequent party at Torre Ciachea were an explosion of joy and happiness. With the sea as a backdrop and a starry sky above us, the evening was truly unforgettable.

In this article, in this gallery, I will tell you about the beauty and intimacy of Marta and Roberto’s wedding. Each photo encapsulates a precious moment of this special day, a chapter of their love story that I had the honor of immortalizing. I hope that these images can convey to you too the emotion and magic of this dream wedding.





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