Giorgio & Alessia

Wedding through my lens

Exploring the wonderful world of wedding reportage in Palermo through the lens of my camera was a journey like no other. Alessia and Giorgio chose the picturesque setting of Villa Alliata Cardillo for their special day, and today I invite you to relive with me the most intense moments of this unforgettable day.

Villa Alliata Cardillo: Where Love Finds Its Home

Nestled among the wonders of Palermo, Villa Alliata Cardillo was the perfect backdrop for Alessia and Giorgio’s wedding. Among enchanting gardens and historic architecture, the couple shared glances full of emotions and gestures laden with meaning, captured in detail by my lens. Each shot tells the authentic story of two hearts beating as one, immersed in the magic of this enchanted place.

Barcarello: Immortalizing Sicilian Romance

Our journey then took us to Barcarello, amidst the stunning natural beauty of Sicily. Here, Alessia and Giorgio surrendered to the beauty of the landscapes, giving me authentic and spontaneous moments to immortalize in my wedding reportage. Each shot was a tribute to their unique connection, to the romance that permeates every corner of this enchanted land.

Villa Alliata Cardillo: A Night of Joy and Celebration

As the sun set, Villa Alliata Cardillo transformed into an explosion of joy and happiness. Among soft lights and bright smiles, Alessia and Giorgio danced under the stars, celebrating their love in an unforgettable night. Every moment was filled with emotions, making this celebration a magical experience for all present.

The Art of Wedding Reportage in Palermo

For me, a wedding photographer in Palermo, capturing the essence of Alessia and Giorgio’s big day was an honor and a challenge at the same time. Every image in my gallery tells a unique story, woven with emotions and details that make this event special. I sincerely thank Alessia and Giorgio for allowing me to be part of this unforgettable day, and everyone who contributed to making this wonderful experience possible.

As we relive the magical moments of this wedding in Palermo together, we immerse ourselves in the pulsating heart of love and the beauty of a union destined to last forever.

Venue: Villa Alliata Cardillo
Catering: Criscione Catering



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