Album En that preserve stories

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My love for craftsmanship and materials has led me to choose exclusively handmade supports for you couples, using durable and natural materials that provide ever-changing nuances to each wedding album. Wood and leather are the main materials.


Album Silverstone

Immersed in the timeless magic of weddings, the ‘Silverstone’ collection embodies elegance and sophistication through every detail. The faux leather cover offers a luxurious feel to the touch, introducing a visual journey into the world of eternal love.

The main cover, wrapped in matte white plexiglass, exudes understated elegance. The stone foil, expertly sculpted, lends depth and character, capturing the most precious moments in a lasting essence.

A touch of modernity reveals itself in the copper-colored mirror plexiglass insert, a reflection of love shining through time. The fusion of classic and contemporary creates a symphony of emotions reflected in every enclosed image.

The matching box, with its internal support lined in copper-colored mirror plexiglass, transforms into a precious treasure chest. In addition to jealously guarding the album, it offers refined accommodation for your love story on a USB drive, symbolizing continuity and innovation.


Album Savana

In the heart of simplicity and authenticity, we present our unique creation: the ‘Savana’ album. This masterpiece is a celebration of intrinsic beauty, encapsulating the essence of pure and timeless love.

The softness of cotton, wrapped around the album and cover, conveys a feeling of warmth and familiarity. The light and comfortable texture are the perfect reflection of love gently enveloping the heart.

The cotton cover harmoniously blends with the wooden insert, creating a symphony of natural materials. The laser engraving of your names on the wooden surface adds a personal and intimate touch, as if your love were eternally carved into the heart of this album.

‘Savana’ is more than a photo album; it is a ritual, a tangible connection to the most beautiful moments of your story. The pages are like diary pages, ever-changing witnesses to a love that unfolds with the grace of time.

Every detail, from the simple cotton cover to the laser engraving, contributes to creating a work of art that tells your story with the purity of a timeless tale.


Bottle Pen Drive

Tutte le vostre foto in formato digitale, saranno contenute all’interno di una pen drive con tappo in sughero. All’interno della boccetta verranno inseriti tè o infusi profumi. Potrete in qualsiasi momento scegliere di stampare altre foto contenuta al suo interno, portandole facilmente con voi.

Wooden Box

Il Wooden Box, come dice il nome stesso, è realizzato artigianalmente in legno. Nasce per contenere le vostre foto, che verranno conservate al suo interno, potranno essere sempre accessibili per ricordare insieme i momenti più belli ed emozionanti del vostro matrimonio.

If you would like more information about the supports, please do not hesitate to contact me