Story of a wedding photographer in Palermo

Dreams in a chest

I’m a italian wedding photographer in Palermo, also available for destination weddings around the world. Whether it’s a wedding in Sicily or abroad, I create reportages to capture your big day.

I’ve always been a visionary. One of those who, as a child, drew on canvases and glass bottles. I used paint or whatever was available. I tried to tell my stories. Mostly my dreams. Real oneiric drawings, similar to a painting by Dalì. Visual arts have always fascinated me. They were and still are my means of expression. I still keep my albums. They’re stacked in a chest in the house where I grew up. I tried to bring out what was in my head and not only that, driven by the desire to express myself.


Hic et Nunc

Photography is not just my profession. I still remember a scene from one of the movies that changed my life, which perfectly resonated with my vision. It’s from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller. The photographer is in front of the camera, and the snow leopard, which he wanted to capture in a shot, appears in all its beauty. However, he decides not to shoot. Here’s the explanation he gives to the protagonist:

“Sometimes I don’t take the shot. If I like the moment, it pleases me, only me. I don’t like the distraction of the lens. I just want to be there. Inside. Stay there, here and now.”

I, too, try to live moments deeply, trying to step away from the lens to truly enter them. The moments we live need to be experienced deeply, and although this may sound unusual coming from a photographer, I always hope not to lose the ability to look and to be there.

Cameras that tell stories

At the age of twenty-three, I bought my first camera. I studied as a self-taught photographer before beginning my formal training as a professional, which of course never truly ends. You know, you never stop learning. I started working as a photographer, trying to find my path in the industry, and eventually opened my own photography studio, one of the goals I am most proud of. I always set goals for myself and pursue them until I achieve them, especially those professional goals that have led me to become a wedding photographer in Palermo today.

My way of photographing has evolved with me. My palette, my style, my goals have changed over time to reflect my own changes, my view of the world, my way of telling your stories, and more precisely, your wedding.

Wedding reportage to tell the love story.

Weddings are one of those days we want to remember. One of those days when the emotions experienced are truly abundant. These emotions change throughout the day, and those who are there with you to celebrate that day tell them through the expression of their faces, body movements, and posture. My style is wedding reportage.

I capture spontaneous, natural moments with my camera, without poses, but with a strong emotional charge. I narrate love and recognizable gestures: this is my goal as a wedding photographer.
Within the photo album, I try to gather shots that speak of you to make them eternal. Capturing that moment, that fleeting instant, to quote a great movie, that can speak for you and of you. I admit it, I’m a romantic, and I love weddings, the celebration of love, the union of two people who decide to be there, to live, and to love each other.