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" Photographing to remember "

Every narrative is made up of moments. Sometimes these moments follow the flow of time, while at other times they are a collection of moments connected by an invisible thread woven with the individual emotions experienced.

I am a wedding photographer in Sicily, and photography is the medium I have chosen to tell your stories, with natural light as my companion. I approach wedding photography with a style that is that of a photojournalist but, at the same time, it is introspective, emotional, and at times nostalgic.

I tell what I see in front of the lens by entering quietly. It’s not exclusively posed photography. My shots come from observing faces, their expressions, and their uniqueness. Every person is a source of inspiration, and every expression, gesture, movement, glance, makes each photo personal and intimate. Continuous study and ongoing education are essential for my journey as a wedding photographer in Sicily, and crucial to consistently provide professional services that capture the emotions felt on that special day in print

My photography tells your story

Weddings symbolize the consolidation of a bond, celebrated on that particular day. Regardless of how a wedding is experienced, it revolves around the choice to be together and the sharing of a festive moment with loved ones. My goal is to tell your story through photography, and as an observer, I strive to capture all those moments you can recognize and cherish over time. Candid photography that narrates the shared emotions with those who participate in that day. Attention to details, to the places that become the backdrop where you can rediscover yourselves: the inseparable protagonists of your love story. Each shot thus becomes the materialization of a lived emotion.


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The wedding day lingers in the memories of every couple. It is one of the most romantic moments that I narrate through gazes, gestures, and smiles. The photographs become a tangible memory of those moments that have been immortalized by the camera.

My goal as a wedding photographer

Photography is the means I have chosen to express myself and tell stories. My photography is theatrical, dramatic, yet at the same time natural and spontaneous.

Nostalgic and perfectionist, I rely on natural light to find the right contrast that allows me to capture moments, emotions, or gestures within the context they take shape.

I focus on details, those that make each person unique and allow me, at the same time, to discover something about myself. I tell stories through my shots. I assume the role of a silent but attentive spectator, ready to capture the beauty of what is in front of me.

Freezing an emotion through the camera to relive it every time it is looked at on paper. Every expression, every movement, every gaze tells a moment, and my goal is to capture it to convey and show it as it was experienced.